July 29, 2015

I went and marked out where my basement is going to go.  My grandpa should start digging tomorrow or next week.  Fingers crossed this build goes smoothly.  My plan has had to change a little regarding the house, I had planned a screened in porch but it will end up costing way more then i anticipated.  So I will have a large deck and put a walled gazebo up instead.  It will still be “attached” to my house and when I walk outside I’ll walk right inside the gazebo but I’ll have the option to have it all windows or all screens that I can switch out anytime.  Which will be awesome, I am super excited for the digging to start!




July 27, 2015

On Friday I received a call from the gyno’s office in Regina, the one my family doctor referred me to.  I’m not very comfortable going to the male doctor so I called my doctor to see if she could refer me to a female gyno my one friend goes to who says she is amazing.  I am hoping they call me with in the next few weeks.  I am so anxious and excited to get this baby journey going!

Today I went to Regina with my mom to price out house furnishings, I didn’t really find what I was looking for which was disappointing on a plus side we went to Marshal’s and I found the cutest fox pillow I had to have for the nursery!  We then went out for supper and headed home, I was so excited to get back to head to meet a lady who owns a baby store in town.  She is shutting her doors so she is selling everything at cost.  So it was my mom who suggested we go and purchase some items.  She has some great deals and I ended up getting a few things!

It made me happy that my mom was showing more interest in my plan, she has been a great supporter but doesn’t want to get to excited until I’m actually pregnant .  But just her suggesting we go check out what the lady had and knowing we would make a purchase made me so happy.



June 18, 2015

I had my first doctors appointment today.  I was nervous to bring up my becoming a single mom by choice, but my doctor was very supportive and will be referring me to an OBGYN in Regina as well as the Heartland Fertility Clinic in Winnipeg.  Good news is the fluid cysts I had are now gone and healed.  I stopped my birth control on June 1st and will be trying to get my cycle back to normal as well as my hormones.

I wonder how long it will be to get an appointment with the OBGYN.  I’m hoping they will be able to do fertility tests on me.  I’m just terrified that I won’t be able to conceive at all.  I do plan on trying August 2016, that gives me over a year to get things back to normal with my body, save up money for a year of maternity leave, save up for artificial insemination and lose the last 40 pounds so I’m at a healthy weight.

I started taking a folic acid pill since it is great for trying to conceive, I will be taking a pre-natal once I have a chance to pick some up from Minot.  I have been working out twice a week and it has been going great, I want to get my energy level up.  I just have a feeling that I will be so exhausted during my pregnancy and I can’t afford to be.  I will have to work my full time job as well as groom in order to make a living for myself and a baby.  I will also need to keep in mind about storing the donor sperm just in case I want another child in a few years.