Look at what my mom got me!


It so cute, it is 100 years old, it’s very large but i love it! I’ll be able to put it in the living room when the baby is napping and in my room for nights.  Then when the baby is bigger and outgrown the bassinet I’ll put it in the corner of the room with stuffed animals in it.  I’m going to get a little mattress made out of thick foam, also have a water proof cover made for it and then a couple sheets.  I want like a beige color with gold polka dots, it would be so cute with the wicker color.  Normally I would paint the wicker but I like it how it is.  Now that could change when I get into my house.

I have my first gynecology appointment on Sept 15th and I’m nervous at what he will say, and what my options will be.


August 3, 2015

I am beyond excited!  My basement was dug today and they start building the forms tomorrow! Can’t believe it has started already, fingers crossed it only take a few months to finish.