CD 1 

Ok so it seemed to take forever for my period to start (it’s right on time though) but it seemed to drag on just because I was waiting for it so I can get my blood done! 

This week I only work 2 days (yay for oil slowdown) so I work today and tomorrow in the office, I plan on putting my kitchen cabinets together after work.  Then Wednesday I groom dogs in the morning, afternoon I’ll head to the city to the walk in lab and get my CD 3 blood taken, then go hang out with my bestie and niece and hopefully will find out by Friday if I’m RH + or – and what my blood type is.  Thursday I’ll head to Minot to get deck boards and doors, Friday veg out, Saturday go out for Halloween. 

I’ve been looking on fairfax, Seattle, Europe and other sperm banks and I put in my search what I’m looking for, I only have like 28 to choose from (that’s if I’m RH+, if I’m – then I have like 4 and includes lifetime photos). I thought I would have more to choose from, so now I’m a little scared I won’t find what I’m wanting.  As soon as I find out and have a full day I’ll sign up with the XYTEX bank since with outreach they offer 24 hours free full access, if I find a donor I really like I’ll just choose him.  If not I’ll move to the next bank.  



My mom surprised me with these 3 books!  She got them from a lady for $15 but they are still in great condition and I can’t wait to dive into them!  I think I’ll start with either the What To Expect When You’re Expecting or The Mother Of All Baby Books.  I’ll save the What To Expect The First Year for last though!  

I have decided I will try in January instead of February, going to see what my RE says about my period starting on Christmas if it will be an issue, the actual IUI wouldn’t be till Jan 5thish anyways.  I don’t think it is realistic for me to go on a Mexico trip right before I try, in the end it will cost me to much.  

Plus I’m kind of hoping the family I used to nanny invites me to Florida again in March.  I would of coarse tell them if I am pregnant and would just be carful of which Disney rides I went on (not a huge fan of big rides anyways haha). I like to stick to the toddler rides for sure, but I miss that family and don’t want to stop seeing them just because I have a child, I want them to be apart of our lives because they are an amazing family.  

Waiting Game

Lately it feels like it’s just a waiting game.

-Waiting for my period so I can have my blood work done.

-Waiting for my house to be done.

-Waiting to start trying for a baby.

-Waiting to pick a donor.

-Waiting for a certain guy to text me…*eyeroll*

I’m waiting to get my blood work done and the info back before I sign up with the Fairfax sperm bank.  I feel they are the right choice for me.  I will either use Can-Am, Repromed or Outreach to get the sample to my clinic.  On the 28th or 29th I will go get my blood taken for one of the labs the clinic needs.  I’ll get all 3 forms done that day.  Then they will get back to me on which donors to avoid.  I wanted to try in January but my period lands right on Christmas and my 10 day ultrasound would land on New Years.

Not 100% positive what I am going to do, my cousin (who knows what I am doing) wants me to do a “pre baby moon” with her and her sister.  She said Nashville but with the dollar sucking so bad we can’t do it.  So I suggested Jamaica or Mexico.  Of coarse All-Inclusive but keep it at $1000.00 for the week and we’d be able to do it.  I told her it would have to be between Jan 4 – Jan 20 since my period starts the 22nd and that would be the cycle I try.  We will see if her sister will come with, if not then I am going to see what my doctor says about trying in January.  She wants a “pre baby moon” so I can drink, she knows i’m not much of a dinker to begin with but it would still be fun to get away with the.

I would like to do an actual baby moon when I am pregnant.  Just take a weekend either by myself or with a friend and stay in the city, watch movies, pig out, shop a little.

The Fairfax Bank is awesome, I love their online setup and once I know which donors to avoid I’ll sign up for their full access, meaning I see lifetime photos and more.  It’s $190 for 60 days which I don’t find to bad as they have so many donors to sift threw.  I’m anxious to start that process.  I think my plan will to pick a handful of options, then hold a pick my donor party.  We will see when the time comes as I might just want to choose all on my own.

If it all works out as planned and I conceive in February if I have the money saved up I want to go to Minneapolis in May with a bunch of my cousins for 4 Blue Jays games.  That will be decided in December as that’s when tickets go on sale.  If not that’s fine, also means more money to save.

As for the guy I’m waiting to text, it’s dumb and if he doesn’t I’m not going to worry about it.  It just makes everything so much more clear and set for me.

My house will be taped, mudded and painted by next week, they are putting the basement walls up tomorrow and getting the plumbing and electrician to finish up.  My flooring and all my finishes will be picked up tomorrow, I’m on the last leg of this house journey basically!  I should be in at the end of October. I’ve got some great decor that I can’t wait to set up.  P.S. I’m so in love with the nursery room, has nice big windows.  On the change table/dresser wall the wall goes right up to the peaked ceiling it makes the room seem so much bigger.  I cannot even wait till I’m pregnant and can start decorating the baby room.  I already of coarse have items for it, I’ve already for the theme I’ll use.  I seriously have so much planned it’s ridiculous, and I know it’s probably bad luck to buy this stuff before anything has happened, or it’s bad luck to be so excited but I just can’t help it!

Bit Of A Back Story + My Last Couple Days

So just laying in bed now going through all the new knowledge I have in my head.  I still cannot believe this has happened sooo fast!  So I’ll lay out my last couple days.

Well first off yesterday morning I woke up to a text from the one guy who is my best friends boyfriends brother, who I had been seeing for about a month in December.  During that month I fell fast for him, he was soo sweet, until his ex apparently text him and they got back together so he just never text me again.  Which is dumb since he knew I would be at his brothers house to see my bestie frequently and they live a couple doors down from him. Fast forward to about a month ago when him and his girlfriend broke up for good, it was her decision and he said that she couldn’t come running back to him in the spring.  One night me and the bestie said ‘watch him text me the day before my insemination’  sure enough he texts the day before my consult.

So we text all day yesterday and it felt like that great month again, for the whole drive to Saskatoon I had anxiety about ‘what if I’m not meant to do this, what if I’m suppose to wait for him’ Got to my consult this morning and it went away, I feel confidant about this.  He is still of coarse on my mind, we didn’t text all day today though and I won’t be the one to text him first if he wants to talk to me he can message me first and he’s got a lot to prove.

Ok so we got to the city and stopped at a mall and shopped a little, I found a new work outfit at bellow the belt, and then found an amazing fox jacket that will be perfect for hockey games and traveling around I love it so much.  We then found a little Italian restaurant that had handmade pasta and it was delish!  Went back to the hotel and crawled into bed and scrolled through pinterest, easy day.

Woke up this morning had breakfast then went to the downtown mall and I of coarse stopped at Victoria Secret and stocked up on Undies and a new bra! yay! Then we rushed over to the clinic and it’s soo nice in there!  Everyone is so soft spoken and kind as well, I felt very comfortable.  They had a ton of brochures that I snatched up!  My doctor is so nice, she asked me a bunch of questions and said that with my age I should be good for IUI, I would be the youngest single women she would do this for.

I had to get my vitals taken and had an HSG test, turns out I ovulated (missed OPK Saturday morning when I should have ovulated) Getting the test done wasn’t as bad as they said it would be, I just had cramping when they injected the saline but it wasn’t that horrible.  She said both tubes are open and that I ovulated from my left side, I have a fibroid on the top outside of my uterus and it won’t affect anything, she said my follicles look good.  As it turns out they work with a OBGYN in Regina so I will be able to be monitored there (only 2.5 hrs away).

So I will get my 3 blood work panels done in town, 1 panel on my 3rd day of my period and they will get sent to Saskatoon.  Then they will let me know which donors to look at, I’ll pick and get it ordered a month before I try.  When I decide to move ahead with it I contact them the first day of my period and they will book the ultrasound with Regina 10 days later, that info will get sent to Saskatoon and they will call me and tell me to pick up the Trigger Shot (Ovidrel) and they will tell me when to take it then I’ll head to Saskatoon to be inseminated the next day! My plan is to try in January, If I feel I still need to wait a little bit then it’ll be August!  I’m very excited about this all!!

After my consult we went to this AMAZING pizzeria, we will be going back for sure!  Stopped at Winners and I found a super cute muslin swaddle blanket pack, It’s girl patterns but I had to grab it, if I don’t end up having a girl then I will have a great gift to give!



Got an AMAZING call today! I’m booked in with the fertility clinic for TUESDAY! Like as if I’d get in that soon, I was expecting 3 months even being on the cancelation list.  I’m a bundle of emotions right now, I’m beyond excited but yet so nervous and scared!  This has made everything feel soo real.  

I am 100% ready to be a mom, but then in my brain I’m thinking “oh god what is everyone going to think of me doing this” I just need to get it out of my head, that I shouldn’t care about everyone’s opinions.  But of coarse I am an extreme over thinker.  I know I’m ready for this journey ahead of me.  


Great News 

Aurora received my referral and the nurse was going over it today, I should get a call to book an appointment sometime tomorrow or next week 😊😊 I also got put on their cancelation list, as long as I get a couple days notice I should be able to make it in for the appointment.  I’m so happy and excited!! 

October 6, 2015 De-Stress

I need to find ways to de-stress and to actually stick to.  I’m thinking of ordering essential oils, the starter pack which includes a diffuser so I can have it going as I sleep or relax. (They have fertility blends I can mix up as well) I want to start acupuncture soon since my work benefits cover $500 a year.  I can fit 5 sessions before January to help.  Then I am going to try meditating, don’t know if I’ll be able to stick to it.

I’m back eating proper again (weekend went bad) but I still lost 2.8 in the past week.  This weekend probably will be the same as its thanksgiving and I can’t not have stuffing.

Oh I may as well throw out that my gyno FINALLY sent out the referral so that’s a bit of stress taken off.  My mom is going to call Aurora to make sure I’m in their system.  Then I should receive a call to book an appointment in a couple weeks.  Apparently the people who are to pour my basement will start this week.  My contractor talked to them and said everything is waiting on them and we need it done ASAP.  So I really didn’t have anything to stress over, but that’s just how I am.

My mom had sent me a link to joe fresh baby clothing, they sell them at superstore in Regina and are such a great price and she said that that’s one of the only places to shop for baby.  I agreed and said old navy as  well.  We have talked a bit about family vacay after babies here.  I’ve been putting all my house purchases on my visa plus had all my grooming purchases and haven’t used my points once since I was 18.  So I’ll have lots to use for air fair.  One trip I want to take is to Phoenix, my aunt owns a house there and they have great shopping, food and will be an awesome getaway.  Then my mom thinks we should do a Jamaica trip, I’m down for that.  I just want to have enough points left over/saved up for a Disneyland trip when my child is about 5. 


So yes the doctor didn’t do it, on Friday he was busy at a clinic for 36 hours so I can understand since he wasn’t in the office at all.  But I’m not even going to bother him at all anymore, I’ve booked in with my family doctor and she will fill the form out in front of me and I’ll have the ladies at the front desk fax it while I’m there.  I go Friday at 3. 

 To top off everything going oh so well the company that was suppose to frame and pour my basement today won’t be coming, apparently they got super busy in another town doing a job they have been doing for a while now so instead of telling me they didn’t have time they told me that yes they’d be there today.  So I’m super frustrated and stressed about everything right now. 

Yes I need to get my house finished and set up before I’m pregnant but it takes sooo long to even get into the right people to even start to make a baby happen.  I wouldn’t be so stressed if the dang gyno had sent the form in the first time.  

After work I have one dog to groom then I can go home, watch some Netflix and crash I just feel so drained right now.  


Waiting till before noon to call the gyno to see if they sent the referral in for me.  We will see what happens, let’s get things moving.