Getting There! 

My house is getting there!  They got the flooring done up to the hallway last night so the first floor should be complete by tonight! Need all the trim, and doors put in, plumber needs to finish up, appliance show up today except dishwasher since I had to cancel and reorder an 18″ one for it to fit.  I’m loving my kitchen sooo much tho! 

I will be able to move in hopefully by end of next week, I won’t have counter tops though as I’m getting Quartz and they have to measure and send a template then we have to check it then they order it.  I also need the carpenters to make my butcher block island table just under those amazing lights, need to find more chain that matches so the lights can come down a bit further.  

Then once the inside is done they’ll do the outside, all the siding and decking, kind of peeved they haven’t been working on that anyways while they haven’t been working on the inside lately.  

This is seriously my dream house. 


Future Two Week Wait

I’ve been planning out the cycle I try for the first time.  I’ll call in December 23rd (according to my Kindara app so that can change of coarse) and let them know I started my Cycle Day 1 and that I’m having an un-medicated IUI with a trigger shot and donor sperm.  They will schedule me in for my follicle tracking ultrasound in Regina approx. 10 days later.  So since 10 days exactly lands on New Years Day I’m assuming they’d want me in before that? So say December 30th.  the clinic then gets my results and calls to let me know when to pick up my trigger shot, when to take it and when my IUI is scheduled for.  My guess according to my app between January 4-8.

My plan is to do the trigger shot, head to Saskatoon the night before IUI and stay the night.  Get to the hotel (I’ll have to leave after work so won’t get in till really late) crash, wake up have procedure done.  Go back to hotel and freshen up then maybe go for lunch or shop a little.  Just take it very easy.  Stay one more night then head home.  Depending on the days i’ll either  have to go back to work for a couple days or it will land the weekend and I can just veg and watch movies and relax.  Luckily my mom will be the one taking me (and driving the 5 hours) and my younger brother said the next time we go to Saskatoon he wanted to go up with us.  I’ll have to remind him why we are going there, I don’t mind him tagging along we can go to a movie IUI day while mom shops.

For the Two Week Wait I’m going to be so anxious, like I know I can’t get my hopes up because chances of it working the first time are what, 14%? and I will have to wait the full 14 days as the trigger shot could last 12 days in my system and I could get a false positive which I couldn’t handle.  So I’m making a list of ideas to do for the 2ww!  I’m a huge movie watcher and I want to have something planned every night.

-Watch favorite movie with big bag of chips.

-Sort threw closet.


-Paint Nails.

-Try Yoga.


-Girls Supper at nice place.


-Sell unwanted items.


I will be working during the weeks for the wait so that occupies 10 hrs of every day.  Then I will groom as much as I can at nights and maybe one Saturday for the wait.  I don’t want a bunch of people knowing the day I’m going so really only my best friend, boss, mom, dad, brother and 2 cousins will know.

Donor Is NOT Picked! (close though)

I went to order a couple vials and between the time I posted my last post and the next day someone must have reported a pregnancy so there was no more vials available for other people besides families who had pregnancies with him already, for future siblings.

So I called Aurora to see if picking a donor with RH+ factor would be a huge deal, and they gave me the go ahead to look at different donors.  They will just have to give me a shot since I am RH-.  So I spent a few hours tonight narrowing it down to 2 donors, I’ll be heading to bed soon and make my final decision in the morning and order in the afternoon.  I also asked them if having my first IUI in January would be a problem and they said no! So I’m good to go!

Donor Is Picked!

I got my donor picked!!  I called Aurora this morning and got my info they didn’t have my blood type for some reason so the nurse called me back at noon once she found out what it is.  So I am O- and CMV – once I found it out I went through the donors on Xytex and found 6 to choose from.  I then signed up for the free 24 hour all access and looked at pictures and found the donor I liked the most, I liked his profile and he’s very cute!  So tomorrow I am going to call Outreach and get a couple vials ordered, then call back to Aurora and just double check that having my first IUI at the beginning of January won’t be a problem.