I am having to postpone my IUI.

The job I have been loving that I thought was going great and would be good for my future and a babies future apparently isn’t.  The rigs won’t be working after March just because the dollar of oil is so horrible.  So I will be applying at a school after the Christmas break, and I hope I get it I think it will be a great opportunity, great pay and great people to work with.  It would be a steady job.

Now the reason I am needing to postpone is because if I do the IUI in January, I won’t know if I get the job till later that month, if I do get it and I am pregnant I’d be on 3 month probation where they would be able to fire me over anything.  Then there is the fact that in August they will be starting year round schooling (work 6 weeks have 2 weeks off) so they would be re-signing contracts then and they would have no reason to sign me if I would be done in a couple months anyways.

If I get the job at the school I will be waiting till June/July that way I’d be able to announce after I signed the new year contract in August and be safe for my whole pregnancy.  If I don’t get the job then I will find a different job to apply at and possibly do the IUI sooner.  It is breaking my heart I have been getting so excited/happy/anxious about doing this in January and for it to come to a halt is devastating.

The school is a christian school, and the students and parents are very religious.  Now the school doesn’t bring religion into the facility but they expect a certain standard.  Me being pregnant and single is really none of their business but I don’t know if I’d want to deal with the scrutiny of the parents everyday, they are very nice people but they have their beliefs.  My mom (she works at the school right now) suggests I get a nice ring and wear it on my ring finger and just have people think what they want.  Not sure how it would go over because I am sure they would ask questions either way.  It would be hard but I’d get a pretty ring out of it I guess.

Waiting 6 months I would be able to work on my weight/health a bit more and save some more money.



Spent my Saturday organizing more & baking more, had to get things ready for girls wine night at my cousins and it was fun! Much needed night “out”. We did a gift exchange and had my little cousin pick a random bottle of wine out of the choices everyone brought and she picked mine first so she helped me pick out a gift and I’m pumped about it! Got a New York coloring book, sharpies, hot chocolate, baileys and candy cane Oreos! 

On Sunday I spent the day crafting, putting up the tree, hanging curtains and MORE baking haha.  I just need to ice the sugar cookies then I’m good to go for cookie swap on Saturday.  For crafts I made a burlap wreath, paw print ornaments (not done them yet) and wrapped some presents.  

We are having cookie swap at my house on Saturday, I need to finish decorating and figure out some appies to make and I want to make a grinch drink I saw on Facebook.  

I also touched up my resume and will be sending it to the school in the next couple days. 

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

Approx 27 days till my first IUI!  I’m very anxious and excited about it.  Still can’t believe it is happening so fast.  I want it to though.  I’m just a little worried as my house has cost a bit more then I budgeted for and I kind of over spent on some new items, as well as Christmas.  I need to put my self on a spending freeze.  I haven’t been putting my grooming cash into my account I’ve just been hoarding it.  I’m going to count it all tonight and see how much I’ve saved.  I also shared my Facebook business page on all the garage sale sites to get my name out there again, as well that I am in a new location.  I need to look into getting my one metal sign re-done so I can put it on the highway so passing traffic will know I’m there.  Just no more house spending (decor & stuff)

Oh yes and I am moved into my house!  Third night spent there last night.  Still have tons of stuff to organize and put together my fire place.  My mortgage so far is at 150 and I have a final payment to the electrician and contractor then that should be it.  I’m guessing it will be another 30 and I have 20 cash to put down so it will be 160.  Payments a month will be just over 800 then have other expenses.

My plan is to send my resume to this one school in town.  I love my job right now but with oil prices so low I don’t think we will have a lot of work after March.  Where as at the school it’s constant work.  I would make 30 a year on salary, no benefitsso would have to pay for them myself.  Plus in June they plan to carry on throughout the year so work 4 weeks have 2 weeks off and no weekend work.  Which would be optimal with having a child.  It’s also the school my mom is working at right now and she loves it.  So hoping I get in there just to secure my future a bit more.  I’m going to make a budget plan and be a bit more prepared.