Fit Week 7

Can’t believe I will be starting week 7 on Monday!  Feels great.  I have been sticking with the plan, haven’t missed a workout but I’ve only lost 1 pound since the start of Phase 2, 2 weeks ago which is sort of disappointing.  It hasn’t discouraged me though because I know I am living a healthy lifestyle.  Except on Sunday (V-Day) I’m having my cheat meal of the month and having Chinese food, I have been craving it for a while so I figured that’ll be a good day.  My bestie might come down to and we’ll both have it and some wine.

I believe when I am pregnant I’ll stick with the Jamie Eason eating plan (adding 300 cals extra of coarse) because it’s so easy to stick with, healthy and I hopefully won’t gain any excess weight then necessary.  I’ll work out 3-5 days a week but make sure I take rest days.  I won’t want to lose my muscle I’m gaining.  Then post-pregnancy I’d do the Eason program suitable for that.

I have found a great place in Winnipeg that does lip injections for a reasonable price.  Since I just want my top lip (need to even them out) I can get .5 CC’s for $250.00 I figured I’d try it out and if I need more in a couple months I’ll do it.  I want to go at the end of March since I’ll be done Round 1.  I’d LOVE to have it done before Feb 27th since we are doing a girls night out but I have no free weekends before then.  So I guess I’ll go out with my thin lip haha.  I’ve been researching injections, and have been starring at my lip, like I have a decent smile but when my face is resting it’s noticeable, and it’s super noticeable when I have any lipstick on, just because my bottom lip is so big.  I would love to have just an even pouty mouth.  Also my top lip doesn’t stick out as much as my bottom so my side profile to me looks a little funny, and I always seem to burn the inside of my bottom lip in the sun haha so it would be good to have some “shade” LOL



So Far

162 days left till my first IUI cycle!  It’s so far away, I just wish I could do it this next cycle but no chance of that happening.

I had a message from the family I used to nanny for, they want me to go down to Florida to visit them in April!  Of coarse I will go I miss all of them so much, and it would be the last time I travel to see them without a baby.  They first asked me to go in March for the color run but then they remembered they are gone for spring break to their BC cabin.  It wouldn’t have worked for me than as my bosses are away on holidays and I can’t take time off then.  So I’m happy they said April instead.  I get along so well with the parents I’ll tell them my plans for August while I’m down there.  It works out well to since I’ll be done round 1 of LiveFit and should be feeling and looking awesome.  Then I’ll start round 2 when I get back so I’ll be even better for a baby.

Sunday I ordered 2 pacifier clips from etsy, they are adorable and I’ll pictures up when they get here, and while I was at Walmart on Monday I picked up 2 pacifiers.  That was my phase 1 goal reward.  I’ve added cardio now so I do weights in the morning then cardion (rowing machine) after work before I groom dogs.  I’m exhausted and I’ve only done 4 days.  My energy should pick up once I get used to waking up a bit earlier then normal.

Tonight I am to go to a friends Thirty-One party, it’s organizational totes/items.  I don’t have a need for them and don’t have the money for them either so I feel bad.  She is also adding younique makeup to the party, which I don’t wear.  I feel like I have to go though.  I’ll just get the books, my mom says she needs a travel jewelry bag so maybe they’ll have that.  I also noticed younqiue has an awesome gold eyeliner I may have to get.

Tomorrow is a half day of work for me so I will get up do my weights go to work, get groceries and mail get home do cardio, shower then if I have time I will have a nap.  I’m going to the hockey game in town tomorrow night with a friend so that should be fun.  I’m also staying at her house Saturday night and having a girls night.

As for jobs the school received my resume and Ellie talked to my mom a little bit about it.  She said that she will take the proposition of adding a part time secretary / part time EA to the mix.  They need to make sure it’s in their budget.  I’m hoping it is, so then I can for sure 100% try in August for a baby.  No response from the coop either so not sure if I will at all.  Not really any jobs around here at all which really sucks since I’m depending on it.