My aunty and uncle have been using Truvision since November and she’s not the type of person to promote something if it doesn’t actually work.  So she asked if I wanted to try a 7 day trial.  I said yes, it is 2 pills twice a day, if it will give me the energy I need to do my workouts then it’ll be perfect.  It has some great results and I just need to lose as much as I can in 3ish months.


Can it be summer already!?  I’m ready for warm weather and baby making.  I am hoping my mom gets a paddle board before it’s nice enough for one.  I want to spend lots of time at the lake as long as it is nice.  I have a friend there that wants to hang out so I figured I would get a summer of fun before I bring a baby into the world.  Once this baby comes my world is going to change, for the better of coarse.  This weekend I am going to order the Comotomo bottles from Amazon.  It’s the only place I have found them for a decent price.  I’m going to get 2 4oz and 2 8oz for now, I will probably get another 2 8oz along the way.  My plans this summer are to do some boating, seadooing and get another tattoo.  I want to get my yard finished, as well as paint my stairs.  I’ll make the nursery mobile to, maybe I’ll save that for the two week wait but just get the supplies waiting for it.  I’d like to continue my healthy lifestyle and possibly lose a few more pounds.  I’m going to stay active and eat as healthy as I can without sacrificing my summer (BBQ!) but I want to be smaller so my pregnancy would be a bit more comfortable.  I know I will be sick at some point during it which is going to suck so I want to make a list of remedies to try when the time comes.  I’ve already been pinning maternity outfits too, if I’m at the school I’ll need lots of skirts and dresses.  If I’m at the office I’ll just need pants and normal clothes.  I want to look and feel great during the pregnancy, I know not to expect to feel great but I can dream lol.

Nothing Really New

Went for a second interview at the school with the guy who manages ALL the schools last week.  I believe it went good and I am hoping to hear back from them soon.  In the interview though he had said part time instead of casual so it’s got me really curious if he had said it on accident or if that is the position they will offer me.  I am also going to put a “bid” in to do the cleaning there as well as it would be an extra grand a month.  I may even look into getting a roommate for a few months as that would save me $500 a month.  The thing is I like having my own space and not sharing it with random people.  It’s not something I need to rush into though so that is good.  At my current job things are slow and my boss said they’ll have to let me go for April/May but after that if I am at the school still I am welcome to come to the office part time as well so that’s nice.

For fitness I finished month 2 and lost an additional 4.5 inches so a total of 15.5 inches.  Hadn’t lost any weight that month but gained muscle, I am noticing a big difference in the definition of my arms.  At the end of this month I will order 4 comotomo baby bottles.  I am excited for those haha then when I complete Round 2 Phase 1 I will order my single mom by choice Mushy Book which I am excited for.

I have countdowns on my phone and I have 1 for the beginning of my IUI cycle (July) and 1 for the actual IUI (August) of coarse that one will vary in days but I am just going off of what my Kindari app says for now.