Fort Lauderdale

I will be in Fort Lauderdale by Friday afternoon!! Excited I decided to go, I went to Minot Saturday to shop for some outfits for the trip.  I bought a lot but I love it all!

I went to Sephora and got some St. Tropez self tanner & Waterproof Mascara, I had the afternoon off so yesterday I did the pre-polish (exfoliating scrub) that came in the self tanning starter kit and today did the tanner since you have to wait 24 hours between the two.  In the morning I’ll shower off the excess and then I’ll do another round Wednesday night, and take it with me.   As for the mascara the stuff I normally get from there isn’t so great when it gets wet even though it says waterproof, so I searched for a different brand and I’ve been testing it out and it doesn’t run at all which is perfect!

I also got some Redkin frizz shampoo & conditioner, just used it today, and then I’ll use it Thursday before I leave.  I would rather have my hair semi frizzy then full frizzy so it is worth a try!

Grabbed some great dresses, pair of shorts and a tank.  Then cheapy Puma flip-flops, a dressier sandal and my favorite so far a pair of BOB bootie wedges.  I wanted to get a pair of TOM bootie wedges but they were $90, where as the BOBs were $44 so if I wear this pair a lot I’ll splurge and get a pair of TOMS.


April 7, 2016

3 Months 13 Days until my first IUI cycle. 3 Months 13 Days until I am actively trying. These past few months have gone by relatively fast. I recently had a friend ask me repeatedly if I Was Sure. She had been drinking when I told her and she had a child at the age of 18 so she was worried. She is still super excited for me though. She also said that she better be apart of the child’s life, which she would be. I had to keep repeating that I’m not making this decision quickly that I have been planning this for a few years now but am just going forward with it.

The family I nannied for asked me to go to Florida April 22-29, I want to go but they will only pay for my flights and if we end up going to Disney or Key West that’ll be out of my price range since the dollar is so bad, an I’m sort of out of a job for May. We would do the color run on the 23rd, then I wonder if they would pull the kids out of school. I miss them terribly, I had planned on telling them my plans in person while I was there. I need to find out if the school still needs me during that week, if not I’ll go, if they do I may need to stay to make money. I know for a weekend in the summer i want them to come stay at my house.

Oh! My comotomo bottles came yesterday! I love them, my plan is to breastfeed and pump but if I can’t then obviously I would formula feed. Either way I would use the bottles. I want to get 2 more 8oz ones then I should be set. I also love the option of being able to buy handles for them for when the baby can hold onto things. My next purchase will be a Paperlust Studio “Hello Mama” Pregnancy Journal. I want to keep track of my whole pregnancy in a beautiful way that I can look back on and something my child can keep. I will still be getting a special made Mushybook to keep track of when the baby is here and growing.

Starting Monday I am starting Keto again, I got my best results following that and I have 3 months to stick with it so I’ll put a meal plan together and prep on Sunday. I will also start LiveFit from Phase 1 again and I should see some decent results and should feel pretty great. My mom had said when she was pregnant with me she gained over 50 pounds and I don’t want to do that of coarse.