I am moving to BC.

wow wow wow

I am shaking, I don’t know what to think.  The nanny family text me yesterday asking when I was wanting to go.  I thought they just didn’t need me anymore, it’s been a couple weeks since I have heard from them.  I asked what they were thinking for wage since that would have been my deciding factor.  Turns out they offered me 3 grand a month, that’s amazing and an opportunity I cannot pass up.  I of course have a few other questions, would my wage change when the kids are back in school, would I be guaranteed a years worth of work at least.  She must have got busy when the kids got home because she hadn’t answered me till today at lunch and just said she is going to call me once she discusses it all with the dad.  She told me she could use me anytime after June 4th, I told her I could come out the end of June since I have family grads to go to, grooming and eyelash extension appointments to finish, not to mention my little niece Blakely turns 1 on the 27th and I don’t want to miss that.  I also told her I had decided to do my first IUI at the end of June which will work out perfect (I think) I get it done then a couple days later hop on a plane or drive to BC.  This is crazy I don’t know what to do my mind is just reeling with everything.  Like this is an ideal opportunity for me and my future child.  I’ve been looking at prenatal care in Vernon, looking at activities, shopping, ect in the area.

My mom has already told the kids at the school, they are disappointed I won’t be back.  I said I would visit for sure when I could.  I don’t feel it’s official yet though, I think I will need a date picked before I do.  I love that the family is so supportive with my decision and still wants me to nanny for them.  It will be hard to be away from my family while I’m pregnant and when baby is a few months old (I would take 3-4 months mat-leave) but I am loving that I will be able to take baby with me to work and have some “siblings” to love all over them.

Since the family will fly me back once a month I should be able to get half a day or a full day of grooming in to keep some clients and make a little bit of extra cash.  I am hoping my parents or brother “rent” my house so that payment would be covered and I can still keep my house.  I would still have a place to live and make my own when baby is here.  I would be back to work for the summer which will be filled with lake days, splash parks, hiking, farmers markets.  It will be very eventful for sure.  I would move back eventually and I love my house and don’t want to give it up.

My days are going to be packed during the summer.  If I end up pregnant I’ve been pinning tips on hiking while pregnant as well as traveling.  I have figured I’d have to drive back a month before my due date to get ready and just in case I go into labor early and since I wouldn’t be able to fly I’d have to drive.  Then I would rest up and nest at home.  I would possibly even get my mom to fly out and drive back with me to make it easier.  I think I’m so on edge with it all because I’m not 100% on what is happening, I like plans.

On Saturday I go to pick up my stroller!!!  My friend is coming with me and she’ll possibly bring my niece if her grandma isn’t feeling well enough yet.  We will get some shopping done, I am going to get some more baby items if I find something that will be useful and I really like.


Bugging Me

Something was posted on BBC that has been bugging me, a girl asked everyone in the SMBC group what age they started TTC solo, then went on about how she is 26, was a virgin till a couple months ago but wants to become a mom and since there isn’t a man in her life she wants to share that experience with she decided to do it on her own.  Not a problem, I totally understand and can relate with the younger age and wanting to become a single mom and not having found a man you want to spend the rest of your life with.  The thing that bugged me was the way she is trying to become a mom, now I know some women don’t want to spend money on sperm and there’s nothing wrong with that.  But when you go on Tinder to find guys to have sex with then steal their sperm out of the condom and try to get pregnant that way, that’s sketchy to me.  She never intends on telling the guy she’s pregnant, and if they see her while she’s showing she will just say that it’s a guys’ she was in a relationship with.  She said it’s better this way so instead of a one night stand the guy is actually a hook up buddy.  I don’t know maybe I’m just being sensitive with it but it’s weirding me out a bit.


I ordered a few things yesterday, I couldn’t pass up the 25% off from thebirdandelephant etsy shop was having for Mother’s Day. So I ordered a reversible bib & a teether.

 Last week I also ordered a pregnancy journal from paperlust studios, it’s so pretty and I can’t wait till I get it and till I actually get to use it.

 While in Walmart yesterday I found a cute watermelon onesie that I grabbed for my niece for $4, then grabbed myself a super cute anchor onesie also for $4. I sent Mushybooks a message about a custom Into The Wild smbc baby book. Once they get it made up I’ll have that as well. August is coming up quick and I’m getting so anxious for it to get here, I want to start trying.

Next week I will be ordering the stroller I want, I know people will wonder why I’m buying a big item and may think I’m crazy but I’m terrified it won’t be available when I’m pregnant. It is a baby trend manta jogger, it’s perfect, exactly what I’ve been looking for for a great price! I’m going to order it in red, it’s $230ish Canadian from Target and it is the only stroller that I have loved and does exactly what I’m looking for, in my price range.

I am trying to stay positive and really hoping I fall pregnant within the first 3 tries, but if not and it takes a lot longer then I was thinking I can just resell the stroller.



My Florida trip was amazing, I had so much fun we did the color run and I actually ran a good chunk of it then I got held behind when the one little girl got tired and wanted to walk.  It was fine though we had a good stroll through the city and it was fun crossing the finish line with her.  That night we went to eat at Flip Flops and we all danced and it was a lot of fun!!  The rest of the trip we hung out, walked down the beach to eat and swim, swam in the ocean.  The 3 older kids had school still so while they went there we shopped a bit, I sat in the sun for a while and burned of course, haha.  After I burned I decided to hang out inside and on my balcony that was shaded.

On Sunday, we decided to go out for Sushi and it was delicious!  They told me they are planning to move to BC! and asked if I would be interested in nannying for them again.  They would fly me back home once a month to visit family, they have 1 house right now and are in the process of buying 2 more and said I would live in 1 of them.  I was floored they asked me and said I would totally consider it!  It’s a huge decision and I hadn’t told them my baby plans yet.  I was so nervous to tell them about my plans but even moving to BC wouldn’t change it.  I had kind of told the 2 older boys about it so they said something to their parents so I knew I had to tell them right away.  So I did and they took it very well and are super happy for me, the dad even said that it’s a very respectable way for me to go ahead with this and they asked me so many questions.

Last minute they flew us all to BC, I was suppose to stay at their house with the 5 kids while they drove to North Dakota to pack up the lake house and move everything back to BC, but it turned into us all driving across country.  It was very eventful and a long drive but I enjoyed spending the time with them.  I drove with the mom and we sort of discussed me nannying, they hadn’t really had a chance to talk it over except that I would be able to be put on one of their business’ payroll in order to get mat leave.  The only downfall is that they can really only offer me 4ish hours a day during school months, I don’t think I can move all the way to BC while still having my new house, a new baby and expenses all on 4 hours a day.  Getting a second job wouldn’t make sense since I’d have to find daycare for the baby for 4 or 5 hours a day.  I wish they could offer me way more because I would love to nanny for them again, but I don’t think I would be able to financially.

Tomorrow it sounds like the school is having the higher ups out to sign contracts with us, and it sounds like they will be signing me for the next year which would be awesome financially/baby wise.  I told the family about it and would need more details before I sign, but I don’t think they can offer me more so I think I’m going to have to turn them down which is disappointing.  The kids REALLY want me to be their nanny again.  I am going to offer nannying for the summer, though, it would be tons of fun since the kids will be out of school and there will be lots for us to do.  Then I’ll come back to Saskatchewan and do my IUI.  Just because I can’t nanny for them doesn’t mean they’ll be out of my life, I still plan to visit whenever I get the chance, even with a baby.  I want this awesome family in mine and my child’s life.

When we got back home on Saturday I drove to the lake and was planning to drive to the states to help them pack but I had a pretty brutal cold and ended up going back home and I slept for 12 hours!  I really wanted to go help since they’ve done so much for me and not to mention she has tons of baby items she was going to let me go through!  I’m probably going to text her this afternoon and see what is up.