Ever since I have moved (June 5th) I have been crazy busy.  I have loved ever minute of it though.  At the moment I am living on their couch at the lake house but it has been good!  It is just until the ski house is more ready.  I am currently on days off for a week while my mom is here.  They sent us to the Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa and it was amazing!  I have never been to a place like that, someone even showed up in a private helicopter it was crazy.  It was very relaxing though so it was a very generous treat.

20 days till my IUI cycle!  It is insane it is coming up so fast but I am beyond excited to do it!  My plan is to fly to Regina the 18th (or 19th) have my ultrasound the 19th, drive back home till I go for my IUI in Saskatoon.  I will fit in a few dogs for when I am home, of course visit the bestie and niece.  Snuggle with my puppies, go for a tattoo & get my hair done with the bestie.  I won’t have any down time that is for sure.

I think I will be making a big decision as well.  I have fallen in love with living here that I am pretty sure I will be selling my house!  It’s a big deal but for raising a child and everything that is offered here I would be dumb to go back.  I know I won’t nanny forever but there is more jobs here, more opportunities for me and a baby.  For the time being while I nanny or until I feel I need my own place (with a baby) I can stay rent free at the ski house which is super awesome.  It does make me sad that I would be leaving my dream house behind but I’d be leaving for bigger & better things.  I would also miss my bestie even more though!  Apparently a new airline is opening up that’s a direct flight to Kelowna and is a great price so they could come visit frequently!  Now is the time to sell though as the price of oil is picking up and people are wanting to move before school starts, so it’s a bit of a rush but I could sell my house at a great profit and have a good savings for me and babe and a good down payment for a future house.

If something ever happened that I had to go back (couldn’t find a house to buy, need more help with the baby, ect) I could always go back and live with my parents till I figured something out.  That’s whats nice about having such a supportive family, I of course have my fingers crossed everything works out great, but it’s also good to have a “what if” plan.

I’m also thinking I might have the baby in BC, it would take stress off of me to move back a month before then haul the baby back to BC from sask.  I would go and visit family once things had more of a routine with the new family member.  I need to look into (once I sell my house) about getting all my Sask documents switched to BC.  I just cannot get over how much I love it here.