It’s Done!

My very first IUI is done!!  It went smooth, I was at the clinic for 2 hours laid on the table for 15 mins then the doctor came in and said things looked great and she thinks its very promising.

I go for blood work Sept 2nd, I will probably test on the 1st just so if it’s negative I have a bit of a heads up then getting the results on the phone.  I kind of hope I get that day off, so if it’s negative I can just chill and relax but if it’s positive I can do what I want with the day.  Also if it’s positive I have to get another Beta test a couple days after.

Since I’m living with my nanny family it’s going to be a little hard to hide it from them to surprise them.  If I need the second beta and it has doubled I want to show up at the house with a cute “preggers” shirt and see how long it takes the kids to notice.

I just can’t believe this is happening already.  Hurry up Sept 1st!!



It’s happening!!! I take the trigger shot in the morning and get my very first IUI on Friday morning!! AHH! I am beyond excited and blown away it’s happening!!!

My mom was suppose to come with me, we were thinking I wouldn’t have the IUI till after Friday so she went to Phoenix with my dad to the Adele concert.  So my brother will drive to Saskatoon with me which is nice!  The plan is to grab my trigger shot in the morning on the way to my besties house who is going to do my hair as well.  My brother will come pick me up on the way to Saskatoon, we will go have supper at this amazing pizza place.  I will maybe get my nails done I just want shellac.   Then we will go watch Suicide Squad then head to bed.

My mind is reeling that this is only a day and a bit away! ahh, I want to shop a little after my appointment but won’t have a lot of time since we have to be back that night because I have to groom on Saturday starting at 8.

Cycle Day 1! 

My First IUI Cycle!!  I’m so excited and nervous!  I called the clinic this afternoon, I will fly to Regina in exactly 10 days and will get my folli scan on day 11, I am Having the nurse call me tomorrow to make sure that it won’t be to late.  If so then I will try to move my days around just to be safe.  That is the only thing I am worried about, other then that positivity!!  My nanny kids keep talking about me having a baby in my belly and how they will help change diapers and help feed my baby.  The youngest is so cute he says he will clean the babies ears and be so nice to them.

My plan for if this cycle works to change cellphone companies, I want to upgrade but may as well change to a BC number since I can get out of my sask contract and I’ll be living here anyways.  I will get a postal box as well so I can order baby items right to me.  I researched the hospital I would delevier at here and it seems great, the little girls say they want to come on the hospital tour with me and want to come with me to hear the heartbeat and see the baby. 

I will be trying my hardest to hold out till 14 days to test, I’ll just keep telling myself I have to wait till the trigger is out so hopefully I can haha.

Living here I won’t have a nursery, the baby will co-sleep with me, I have a king bed and a co-sleeper then I have a playpen and there is enough room to have a toddler bed in my ski house room.  I picked the bigger room, I hope they let me decorate how I want to, like just hanging decor, and picking my own bedding to make it feel more like home.