What’s Happening.

So I haven’t posted since waiting for my results.  They were of course negative which was disappointing, but I’ve moved past it.  I was going to go again for the next cycle but it would have happened to fast for me to fly back home again.  I would have been able to but I just felt stressed about it.  So I had my clinic refer me to the Kelowna Fertility Clinic because it is so much closer and I will be able to go for an IUI so much easier.

I have my first appointment with them January 23, 2017.  Which is a whiles away but I am alright with that, it gives me a winter for skiing and snowmobiling without worrying about being pregnant.  I also started Ideal Protein and want to lose 45 pounds before I try again, It will help my chances.  After my first appointment I will have my last sample that’s in Saskatoon shipped to them and hopefully I could start my cycle with them right away since my cycle is to start on the 25th.  I hope it works out that way anyways.  I had hoped for a spring/summer baby but looks like if the next cycle works I’d have late fall/winter baby.  Which having a baby any month would make me the happiest 🙂  It also gives me the chance to work through the summer again with my nanny family and help them out while all the kids are out of school, I would also make some good money during that time.

In the end it’s the right decision.  I’ve bought a couple baby items and will continue to do so, my Coco & Kiwi Diaper bag was delivered today and my mom will bring it with her on her visit Sunday which I am super excited for.



The lab never sent my results to the clinic before they closed for the weekend 😩 so now I have to wait till Tuesday to find out.  

I don’t have any hpt’s with me at the ski house and I didn’t get any yesterday while I was in town.  We’re not going back to Vernon till Monday afternoon I believe so I may as well wait till the clinic calls me.  

If we go back Sunday I may go buy one.  I took a cheapie on the 31st and it was negative, but I need to think that nothing may not show up till later on a pee test if my levels are too low for them at that time.