Almost Time! 

So I am back! It’s been since October since my last post, I’ve been trying to keep busy to make the months go by faster.  
I had my first consult with the Kelowna Fertility Clinic on Monday, the doctor was so nice. The only thing is they require anyone going through fertility treatments to speak to a psychologist before proceeding with anything. I wish they would have told me that while I was waiting the 3 months, but luckily the psychologist is able to fit me in on Wednesday, they have been great.  
I have my nurse orientation on Monday, since I have already been through 1 IUI the orientation should only be half hour. They do things a bit differently here, I won’t be doing a trigger shot and will just be monitored by my LH surge with blood or urine. My last donor sample will be shipped on Monday and should be here for Wednesay, then I am hoping I can do my IUI around the 6th.  

On top of it all I have lost 30 pounds and 25.5 inches! I have been feeling great, I knew it was something I needed to do and once I have the baby and done breastfeeding I will hop back onto the program.  

So fingers crossed this baby sticks!