4 weeks! 

I was 4 weeks on Monday! I took the digital this morning and it’s right on track!! I can’t believe it.  I went for my blood this morning so should get the call this afternoon.  I can’t wait to tell my bestie tomorrow!  

When I got off the plane and was waiting for my mom I was so nervous to see her reaction.  I knew she would be super happy and she was she stopped when she read my shirt and was like what wait are you really? Then she ran and gave me a huge hug.  

When we got home I still wore the shirt and my brother and dad did not notice hahah.  I pointed at the shirt to my brother and he was like what, really, what, no, really.  It was so funny, he smirked though so I knew he was happy.  

Then my dad I told him he’s oblivious, when I got my last tattoo I basically shoved it in his face and he didn’t notice.  So for the shirt I was like your so oblivious and pointed and he broke out into a huge smile and couldnt believe it.  

I’m so happy. 


Darker line! 

Took another frer this morning and the line is darker within the time frame, it started showing up right away.  Going to try a digital either tomorrow or Tuesday morning to surprise my mom when I get off the plane!  Also going to wear my “a little preggo” shirt when she picks me up.  I wanna cry I’m so happy.


Am I crazy or is that a line?! This is just a dollar store cheapie, I’m 11dpiui, I tested with a different brand of dollar store cheapie yesterday and thought I saw a line as well but thought it was probably an indent and it was very very faint. 

Took a clear blue advance digital with fmu and it said not pregnant.  Took this one with 2mu and very faint line appeared.  It’s pink as well so not sure if it would be an indent.  My nipples are a bit sore today, they never are so I found that strange.  

I couldn’t post this on instagram since my bestie has my on there and I don’t want her knowing till I am positive and want to surprise her.  

I keep starring at this test thinking my eyes are playing tricks on my, I will test in the morning with my other dollar store cheapie then with my last digital on Sunday.  Then i go for my blood work the 22nd.

But what do you guys think!?, could it just be a fluke.  


I am officially in the 2WW!! I can’t believe it!  I’m so excited, I’ve been relaxing as much as I can, I have a busy long weekend with the kids since they have no school Friday or Monday. 

I didn’t have a trigger shot this time so I’ll do a home test at maybe 10dpiui, then I have my beta blood test on the 22nd, I’ll be back in Sask at that time to.

I really hope it works!  Positive vibes! Oh and I started talking to a new guy on Saturday.