12 dpiui BFN

12 dpiui and it’s a BFN.  I keep starring at this picture just wishing I could see a line, I swear I sometimes do I just want it to be positive.

I’ll test again in the morning, if nothing then I’ll wait for AF which is to arrive Sunday if it doesn’t show then I go for my Beta Monday morning.  I feel like I’m out this month, just doesn’t feel like same as before.   I shouldn’t compare it  to April’s pregnancy but it’s so hard not to!  I’ve been trying to search for another donor but I haven’t clicked with any of them yet.  Im hoping I find a new one by Tuesday so I can order and have it ready for the 9th.  I’ll have to come back from home sooner then I wanted so I can do IUI #4 


IUI #3

I go for my IUI today and I am so excited and nervous. I got the call yesterday that my LH surge was happening. I then had to arrange with my boss that I would be gone at 9 o’clock for my IUI at 11:15. I don’t think she was very happy that I would be missing work but oh well, this is something I want more than anything.  

 At least it is raining today so the kids will be inside until I get back and then we are going dirtbiking. They also need more pull-ups so that works out that I can grab them, I will also grab a pineapple to have the meat for the next five days.  I may also pick a little baby item up to if I find something cute at Walmart.  

My tattoo turned out amazing I will post a pic and it was the best tattoo experience I’ve had and I’ve already had so many compliments on it. It is still wrapped up as the wrap acts as a scab and it should be almost healed when I take it off in two days. It works out really well with dirt biking as it will be covered and won’t rub on anything.


I go for my third IUI soon, I picked a new donor so I have high hopes.  I am still nervous of course as it might not work.  I go for my LH blood work in the morning, yesterday and today I tested in the morning and afternoon and I haven’t ovulated yet so I’ll check in the morning before my blood. 

Tomorrow afternoon I go for a tattoo also! I’m driving to Revelstoke to an artist I found, it’s about 2 hours.  I am very excited and I think it will take my mind off of waiting to ovulate.  I am getting flowers on my forearm in black and grey, then when I do have a baby I will add a bumblebee in colour.

My best friend told me that when I’m pregnant they will be trying for baby #2, I’m so excited!  To have someone pregnant with me then to have our babies grow up together!