What Next…

12dpiui and my frer was negative, I feel like a failure, like it shouldn’t take me this long to have a viable pregnancy. I had blood taken the morning of 7/7/17 and I my levels were up so I had the IUI at 11:30 that day. I was feeling very positive about this cycle, after the IUI I rested for a couple days had 5 days of pineapple and Pom juice, kept a positive mind set and was very happy.I tested at 9dpiui and was negative, posted on BabyCenter at 11dpiui and one lady had said that since I had only surged in the 7th that I was probably only 9dpo. I expect AF on Monday the 24th, I go for a beta on Friday the 21st. I want to be 100% sure it didn’t work before I got to Vegas on Sunday. I still really wish a faint line would just show up. I want this so bad, it’s so draining.

For IUI #5 I think my RE is going to let me do a medicated cycle. I’m guessing Clomid, I ovulate just fine but maybe my eggs just aren’t growing enough, so this cycle will cost more as the Clomid will cost something and they will monitor. I wish they would have let me do it this cycle though. I will do 1 more cycle (medicated) and if it fails I will need to take a break. It all takes a toll on me, the money, emotional and physical aspect of it all.

I really don’t want to take a break but if it doesn’t work after 5 tries it needs to happen. I feel useless.