Moving on?

I am currently waiting for my beta results but I am pretty certain they will come back negative. My tests are showing nothing, I thought maybe a few times I’ve spotted a shadow of a line but nothing really noticeable.

I am heartbroken, that is 6 failed IUI’s.

I’ve known since the beginning that I have some fibroids but have been reassured they aren’t affecting anything, but I still have an appointment booked with my RE in Saskatoon (since I’m moving home) and they will look everything over and can do the procedure in their office.

I will take a couple months off and go back on low carb diet and try to lose 20 pounds and if my RE suggest another IUI then I will try once more but if she suggests moving onto IVF then I will have to start saving which will be very hard since it is a lot of money which scares me. Especially if that doesn’t work either.


One thought on “Moving on?

  1. Hi Jess, how is it going? After stopping TTC I really fell behind with the S MBC blogs I was following. So sorry your IUIs didn’t work – you Were so excited to prepare and try for a baby. I hope your break has recharged you and that you start posting again soon.


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