10dpiui 12dpt

Am I seeing things or is that the sign of a faint line?!


9 thoughts on “10dpiui 12dpt

      1. That was #7, IVF is just to expensive for me at least with iui’s I can save up as I go. My Dr also sees no issues for why iui won’t work I’ve only done 2 iuis with this current clinic and then 5 with a different one. I feel as though the other one did me wrong, I ended up pregnant with my 2nd iui but miscarried and they didn’t guide or suggest me to change anything IVF wasn’t even bought up. They were very nice there but I just feel they didn’t help when I needed it


      2. That’s a lot to have gone through. Have you read Taking Charge of Your Fertility? I also like Navigating the Land of IF, by Melissa Ford who blogs at Stirrup Queens. I’m sorry you experienced loss. I hope you can find the right path through this for yourself.


      3. Oh that’s good you’ve got some support groups on there. It has been so helpful, especially when most people around me don’t get what it’s like.


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