Lately Thoughts.

So things have been going great, haven’t bought any new baby items which is good since I don’t have a lot of room for things.  I have my first appointment in Kelowna January 23rd, I’m hoping once I have that appointment my cycle day 1 starts a couple days later (if it stays on track) then I can have my sample shipped (I hope it wouldn’t take more then a week) Then have a try that cycle!  I’m ready to try again but have been focusing on my weight loss which will for sure help in the long run!!

I’ve lost 13 pounds and 10 inches so far so I’m happy, I want to lose another 29 pounds by then so when I gain weight with pregnancy I will feel better about it.  If the next IUI doesn’t work I will pick another donor and get 2 samples and try 2 more times.

I have also been looking at places, around here houses are a bit out of my budget, at least decent ones.  So I’ve been looking at condos (they are building a new one in Vernon) that would be in my price range, or I could go for a tiny house and get a piece of land and split it with my brother.  We will see though as I don’t need a place right now since my bosses are letting me live rent free in their houses and will continue to let me live there for however long I need.  When I go home in December I will list my house for sale, I feel like I will want my own place just before I have the baby, just for my own privacy and so I won’t feel like I’m intruding in their space.

For the first 3 months of the babies life I will go back home and stay with my parents though just to be around family and have some help.  Then I will go back and start working again.



I am moving to BC.

wow wow wow

I am shaking, I don’t know what to think.  The nanny family text me yesterday asking when I was wanting to go.  I thought they just didn’t need me anymore, it’s been a couple weeks since I have heard from them.  I asked what they were thinking for wage since that would have been my deciding factor.  Turns out they offered me 3 grand a month, that’s amazing and an opportunity I cannot pass up.  I of course have a few other questions, would my wage change when the kids are back in school, would I be guaranteed a years worth of work at least.  She must have got busy when the kids got home because she hadn’t answered me till today at lunch and just said she is going to call me once she discusses it all with the dad.  She told me she could use me anytime after June 4th, I told her I could come out the end of June since I have family grads to go to, grooming and eyelash extension appointments to finish, not to mention my little niece Blakely turns 1 on the 27th and I don’t want to miss that.  I also told her I had decided to do my first IUI at the end of June which will work out perfect (I think) I get it done then a couple days later hop on a plane or drive to BC.  This is crazy I don’t know what to do my mind is just reeling with everything.  Like this is an ideal opportunity for me and my future child.  I’ve been looking at prenatal care in Vernon, looking at activities, shopping, ect in the area.

My mom has already told the kids at the school, they are disappointed I won’t be back.  I said I would visit for sure when I could.  I don’t feel it’s official yet though, I think I will need a date picked before I do.  I love that the family is so supportive with my decision and still wants me to nanny for them.  It will be hard to be away from my family while I’m pregnant and when baby is a few months old (I would take 3-4 months mat-leave) but I am loving that I will be able to take baby with me to work and have some “siblings” to love all over them.

Since the family will fly me back once a month I should be able to get half a day or a full day of grooming in to keep some clients and make a little bit of extra cash.  I am hoping my parents or brother “rent” my house so that payment would be covered and I can still keep my house.  I would still have a place to live and make my own when baby is here.  I would be back to work for the summer which will be filled with lake days, splash parks, hiking, farmers markets.  It will be very eventful for sure.  I would move back eventually and I love my house and don’t want to give it up.

My days are going to be packed during the summer.  If I end up pregnant I’ve been pinning tips on hiking while pregnant as well as traveling.  I have figured I’d have to drive back a month before my due date to get ready and just in case I go into labor early and since I wouldn’t be able to fly I’d have to drive.  Then I would rest up and nest at home.  I would possibly even get my mom to fly out and drive back with me to make it easier.  I think I’m so on edge with it all because I’m not 100% on what is happening, I like plans.

On Saturday I go to pick up my stroller!!!  My friend is coming with me and she’ll possibly bring my niece if her grandma isn’t feeling well enough yet.  We will get some shopping done, I am going to get some more baby items if I find something that will be useful and I really like.

Nothing Really New

Went for a second interview at the school with the guy who manages ALL the schools last week.  I believe it went good and I am hoping to hear back from them soon.  In the interview though he had said part time instead of casual so it’s got me really curious if he had said it on accident or if that is the position they will offer me.  I am also going to put a “bid” in to do the cleaning there as well as it would be an extra grand a month.  I may even look into getting a roommate for a few months as that would save me $500 a month.  The thing is I like having my own space and not sharing it with random people.  It’s not something I need to rush into though so that is good.  At my current job things are slow and my boss said they’ll have to let me go for April/May but after that if I am at the school still I am welcome to come to the office part time as well so that’s nice.

For fitness I finished month 2 and lost an additional 4.5 inches so a total of 15.5 inches.  Hadn’t lost any weight that month but gained muscle, I am noticing a big difference in the definition of my arms.  At the end of this month I will order 4 comotomo baby bottles.  I am excited for those haha then when I complete Round 2 Phase 1 I will order my single mom by choice Mushy Book which I am excited for.

I have countdowns on my phone and I have 1 for the beginning of my IUI cycle (July) and 1 for the actual IUI (August) of coarse that one will vary in days but I am just going off of what my Kindari app says for now.

Fit Week 7

Can’t believe I will be starting week 7 on Monday!  Feels great.  I have been sticking with the plan, haven’t missed a workout but I’ve only lost 1 pound since the start of Phase 2, 2 weeks ago which is sort of disappointing.  It hasn’t discouraged me though because I know I am living a healthy lifestyle.  Except on Sunday (V-Day) I’m having my cheat meal of the month and having Chinese food, I have been craving it for a while so I figured that’ll be a good day.  My bestie might come down to and we’ll both have it and some wine.

I believe when I am pregnant I’ll stick with the Jamie Eason eating plan (adding 300 cals extra of coarse) because it’s so easy to stick with, healthy and I hopefully won’t gain any excess weight then necessary.  I’ll work out 3-5 days a week but make sure I take rest days.  I won’t want to lose my muscle I’m gaining.  Then post-pregnancy I’d do the Eason program suitable for that.

I have found a great place in Winnipeg that does lip injections for a reasonable price.  Since I just want my top lip (need to even them out) I can get .5 CC’s for $250.00 I figured I’d try it out and if I need more in a couple months I’ll do it.  I want to go at the end of March since I’ll be done Round 1.  I’d LOVE to have it done before Feb 27th since we are doing a girls night out but I have no free weekends before then.  So I guess I’ll go out with my thin lip haha.  I’ve been researching injections, and have been starring at my lip, like I have a decent smile but when my face is resting it’s noticeable, and it’s super noticeable when I have any lipstick on, just because my bottom lip is so big.  I would love to have just an even pouty mouth.  Also my top lip doesn’t stick out as much as my bottom so my side profile to me looks a little funny, and I always seem to burn the inside of my bottom lip in the sun haha so it would be good to have some “shade” LOL


So Far

162 days left till my first IUI cycle!  It’s so far away, I just wish I could do it this next cycle but no chance of that happening.

I had a message from the family I used to nanny for, they want me to go down to Florida to visit them in April!  Of coarse I will go I miss all of them so much, and it would be the last time I travel to see them without a baby.  They first asked me to go in March for the color run but then they remembered they are gone for spring break to their BC cabin.  It wouldn’t have worked for me than as my bosses are away on holidays and I can’t take time off then.  So I’m happy they said April instead.  I get along so well with the parents I’ll tell them my plans for August while I’m down there.  It works out well to since I’ll be done round 1 of LiveFit and should be feeling and looking awesome.  Then I’ll start round 2 when I get back so I’ll be even better for a baby.

Sunday I ordered 2 pacifier clips from etsy, they are adorable and I’ll pictures up when they get here, and while I was at Walmart on Monday I picked up 2 pacifiers.  That was my phase 1 goal reward.  I’ve added cardio now so I do weights in the morning then cardion (rowing machine) after work before I groom dogs.  I’m exhausted and I’ve only done 4 days.  My energy should pick up once I get used to waking up a bit earlier then normal.

Tonight I am to go to a friends Thirty-One party, it’s organizational totes/items.  I don’t have a need for them and don’t have the money for them either so I feel bad.  She is also adding younique makeup to the party, which I don’t wear.  I feel like I have to go though.  I’ll just get the books, my mom says she needs a travel jewelry bag so maybe they’ll have that.  I also noticed younqiue has an awesome gold eyeliner I may have to get.

Tomorrow is a half day of work for me so I will get up do my weights go to work, get groceries and mail get home do cardio, shower then if I have time I will have a nap.  I’m going to the hockey game in town tomorrow night with a friend so that should be fun.  I’m also staying at her house Saturday night and having a girls night.

As for jobs the school received my resume and Ellie talked to my mom a little bit about it.  She said that she will take the proposition of adding a part time secretary / part time EA to the mix.  They need to make sure it’s in their budget.  I’m hoping it is, so then I can for sure 100% try in August for a baby.  No response from the coop either so not sure if I will at all.  Not really any jobs around here at all which really sucks since I’m depending on it.


It only took me 5 hours but I finally got the dresser/change table all put together by myself.  It wasn’t too difficult just lots of pieces, I surprised myself.  I do need to get a little tool set though to keep in my house, there have been numerous times I’ve needed a hammer and ended up using a wrench instead hahah.  Luckily my dad left his power drill at my house so it made the set up a bit easier.  

I am in absolute LOVE with the dresser/change table though, I feel it will go along with my woodland theme so well.  Along with the copper knobs I got at Target they pair very well together.  I can already picture how I will set everything up when the time comes.  I think for the glider chair I have I will either just sand and stain it a natural wood color or paint it white.  The cushions I’m thinking something navy would look nice and pull the color of the dresser as well.  Maybe white with navy polka dots!  

I want to take a night and go threw all my baby items since the dresser took so long and I meal prepped the same day I didn’t feel like doing it.  


 I HAD to, there was no way I could pass this adorable bandana bib I found on etsy!  So I ordered it yesterday morning, more items for the hope chest.  I bought it from thebirdandelephant from etsy, she has some great adorable items at a decent price considering they are hand made!  She had previously a “feather” chew ring/crinkle toy for babies and I wish it was still available because I would have bought it as well.  

I’m ending week 3 of my lifestyle change, been doing great had 1 cheat meal on Saturday at Joe Beevers (free willy sandwich and poutine 👌) and have been sticking to the nutrient plan to a tee since then.  My cycle is going to start today or tomorrow so I don’t want to weigh myself, I’m going to try and hold out till the end of week 4 before I start phase 2.

I’m hoping I can at least get close to losing 15 pounds (that was my goal for the first month) I have been trying hard either way and will purchase my phase 1 reward which is a pack of suckies I plan to use and some suckie holders from esty.  

Also!!! Someone I follow on Instagram, another future single mom by choice told me that Mushybooks (baby books from BC) (that I have been drooling over since I found them months ago) will make a special book for single moms if you request it!! She ordered hers a little while ago (since they are put together by hand and have to have special pages made it takes a bit longer) and it’s the same “The Wild Child” one I want to get so she’s going to send me pictures when she gets hers.   A Mushybook is my Round 2 Phase 1 goal reward! So that should be in April! 

Eight Months

8 months of waiting.  It’s so long.
At least I plan to be productive!  I started Jamie Eason’s 12 week live fit program, yesterday.  So for the first month I do just weights, 2nd month add cardio and 3rd months carb cycle.  All while eating clean food and adding supplements (multi-vitamin, krill oil, pre-workout & amino acids, on top of my pre-natal and folic acid). I’m going to do the 12 weeks for sure then not sure if I’ll do another round or do a different program of hers.  I also plan to have a new stable job and really save some money.  I want to be able to purchase items for the baby that I want.

While I was in Winnipeg I went for my very first Ikea shopping trip.  $700 later I had so much.  All house things (shelving, ect) then of coarse the navy dresser that will go into the nursery and a blue cart I’ve wanted for a few years now.  Once my basement is done and the guest bedroom is moved down there I will put the dresser together.  But I don’t have the room right now.

I am sleepy today, I think cutting out processed sugar foods has got me (even on day 3) so my plan is to get home, crush my leg day workout, eat my supper take my vitamins then crawl into bed.  Going to put my lavender essential oil in my diffuser again tonight, I put peppermint in on Monday and Lavender last night and had such good sleeps!

On a sucky note my Land Rover decided it didn’t want to start on Monday and my dad tried getting it going but nothing worked.  No one around here knows how to fix a foreign vehicle so my dad had to load it up on a trailer and drive it all the way to Winnipeg (5 hrs away) to the dealership to get fixed.  Turns out it’s the starter and it’s a $900 part.  So it will be ready for Saturday and I’ll pick it up then while my moms Range Rover gets a part exchanged.  Then I’ll leave the city early, since I already spent $700 last trip and another $900 this trip, but I plan to go to a hockey game that night with my best friend anyways.



I am having to postpone my IUI.

The job I have been loving that I thought was going great and would be good for my future and a babies future apparently isn’t.  The rigs won’t be working after March just because the dollar of oil is so horrible.  So I will be applying at a school after the Christmas break, and I hope I get it I think it will be a great opportunity, great pay and great people to work with.  It would be a steady job.

Now the reason I am needing to postpone is because if I do the IUI in January, I won’t know if I get the job till later that month, if I do get it and I am pregnant I’d be on 3 month probation where they would be able to fire me over anything.  Then there is the fact that in August they will be starting year round schooling (work 6 weeks have 2 weeks off) so they would be re-signing contracts then and they would have no reason to sign me if I would be done in a couple months anyways.

If I get the job at the school I will be waiting till June/July that way I’d be able to announce after I signed the new year contract in August and be safe for my whole pregnancy.  If I don’t get the job then I will find a different job to apply at and possibly do the IUI sooner.  It is breaking my heart I have been getting so excited/happy/anxious about doing this in January and for it to come to a halt is devastating.

The school is a christian school, and the students and parents are very religious.  Now the school doesn’t bring religion into the facility but they expect a certain standard.  Me being pregnant and single is really none of their business but I don’t know if I’d want to deal with the scrutiny of the parents everyday, they are very nice people but they have their beliefs.  My mom (she works at the school right now) suggests I get a nice ring and wear it on my ring finger and just have people think what they want.  Not sure how it would go over because I am sure they would ask questions either way.  It would be hard but I’d get a pretty ring out of it I guess.

Waiting 6 months I would be able to work on my weight/health a bit more and save some more money.