4 weeks! 

I was 4 weeks on Monday! I took the digital this morning and it’s right on track!! I can’t believe it.  I went for my blood this morning so should get the call this afternoon.  I can’t wait to tell my bestie tomorrow!  

When I got off the plane and was waiting for my mom I was so nervous to see her reaction.  I knew she would be super happy and she was she stopped when she read my shirt and was like what wait are you really? Then she ran and gave me a huge hug.  

When we got home I still wore the shirt and my brother and dad did not notice hahah.  I pointed at the shirt to my brother and he was like what, really, what, no, really.  It was so funny, he smirked though so I knew he was happy.  

Then my dad I told him he’s oblivious, when I got my last tattoo I basically shoved it in his face and he didn’t notice.  So for the shirt I was like your so oblivious and pointed and he broke out into a huge smile and couldnt believe it.  

I’m so happy. 


Darker line! 

Took another frer this morning and the line is darker within the time frame, it started showing up right away.  Going to try a digital either tomorrow or Tuesday morning to surprise my mom when I get off the plane!  Also going to wear my “a little preggo” shirt when she picks me up.  I wanna cry I’m so happy.


Am I crazy or is that a line?! This is just a dollar store cheapie, I’m 11dpiui, I tested with a different brand of dollar store cheapie yesterday and thought I saw a line as well but thought it was probably an indent and it was very very faint. 

Took a clear blue advance digital with fmu and it said not pregnant.  Took this one with 2mu and very faint line appeared.  It’s pink as well so not sure if it would be an indent.  My nipples are a bit sore today, they never are so I found that strange.  

I couldn’t post this on instagram since my bestie has my on there and I don’t want her knowing till I am positive and want to surprise her.  

I keep starring at this test thinking my eyes are playing tricks on my, I will test in the morning with my other dollar store cheapie then with my last digital on Sunday.  Then i go for my blood work the 22nd.

But what do you guys think!?, could it just be a fluke.  


I am officially in the 2WW!! I can’t believe it!  I’m so excited, I’ve been relaxing as much as I can, I have a busy long weekend with the kids since they have no school Friday or Monday. 

I didn’t have a trigger shot this time so I’ll do a home test at maybe 10dpiui, then I have my beta blood test on the 22nd, I’ll be back in Sask at that time to.

I really hope it works!  Positive vibes! Oh and I started talking to a new guy on Saturday. 

Almost Time! 

So I am back! It’s been since October since my last post, I’ve been trying to keep busy to make the months go by faster.  
I had my first consult with the Kelowna Fertility Clinic on Monday, the doctor was so nice. The only thing is they require anyone going through fertility treatments to speak to a psychologist before proceeding with anything. I wish they would have told me that while I was waiting the 3 months, but luckily the psychologist is able to fit me in on Wednesday, they have been great.  
I have my nurse orientation on Monday, since I have already been through 1 IUI the orientation should only be half hour. They do things a bit differently here, I won’t be doing a trigger shot and will just be monitored by my LH surge with blood or urine. My last donor sample will be shipped on Monday and should be here for Wednesay, then I am hoping I can do my IUI around the 6th.  

On top of it all I have lost 30 pounds and 25.5 inches! I have been feeling great, I knew it was something I needed to do and once I have the baby and done breastfeeding I will hop back onto the program.  

So fingers crossed this baby sticks! 

Lately Thoughts.

So things have been going great, haven’t bought any new baby items which is good since I don’t have a lot of room for things.  I have my first appointment in Kelowna January 23rd, I’m hoping once I have that appointment my cycle day 1 starts a couple days later (if it stays on track) then I can have my sample shipped (I hope it wouldn’t take more then a week) Then have a try that cycle!  I’m ready to try again but have been focusing on my weight loss which will for sure help in the long run!!

I’ve lost 13 pounds and 10 inches so far so I’m happy, I want to lose another 29 pounds by then so when I gain weight with pregnancy I will feel better about it.  If the next IUI doesn’t work I will pick another donor and get 2 samples and try 2 more times.

I have also been looking at places, around here houses are a bit out of my budget, at least decent ones.  So I’ve been looking at condos (they are building a new one in Vernon) that would be in my price range, or I could go for a tiny house and get a piece of land and split it with my brother.  We will see though as I don’t need a place right now since my bosses are letting me live rent free in their houses and will continue to let me live there for however long I need.  When I go home in December I will list my house for sale, I feel like I will want my own place just before I have the baby, just for my own privacy and so I won’t feel like I’m intruding in their space.

For the first 3 months of the babies life I will go back home and stay with my parents though just to be around family and have some help.  Then I will go back and start working again.

What’s Happening.

So I haven’t posted since waiting for my results.  They were of course negative which was disappointing, but I’ve moved past it.  I was going to go again for the next cycle but it would have happened to fast for me to fly back home again.  I would have been able to but I just felt stressed about it.  So I had my clinic refer me to the Kelowna Fertility Clinic because it is so much closer and I will be able to go for an IUI so much easier.

I have my first appointment with them January 23, 2017.  Which is a whiles away but I am alright with that, it gives me a winter for skiing and snowmobiling without worrying about being pregnant.  I also started Ideal Protein and want to lose 45 pounds before I try again, It will help my chances.  After my first appointment I will have my last sample that’s in Saskatoon shipped to them and hopefully I could start my cycle with them right away since my cycle is to start on the 25th.  I hope it works out that way anyways.  I had hoped for a spring/summer baby but looks like if the next cycle works I’d have late fall/winter baby.  Which having a baby any month would make me the happiest 🙂  It also gives me the chance to work through the summer again with my nanny family and help them out while all the kids are out of school, I would also make some good money during that time.

In the end it’s the right decision.  I’ve bought a couple baby items and will continue to do so, my Coco & Kiwi Diaper bag was delivered today and my mom will bring it with her on her visit Sunday which I am super excited for.


The lab never sent my results to the clinic before they closed for the weekend 😩 so now I have to wait till Tuesday to find out.  

I don’t have any hpt’s with me at the ski house and I didn’t get any yesterday while I was in town.  We’re not going back to Vernon till Monday afternoon I believe so I may as well wait till the clinic calls me.  

If we go back Sunday I may go buy one.  I took a cheapie on the 31st and it was negative, but I need to think that nothing may not show up till later on a pee test if my levels are too low for them at that time.